Senior Database Manager

As the DBA Team Lead, you will lead the organization in platform scoping and roadmap and architecture discussions across multiple teams.
Expected skills
What will you do?
Nice to have

Expected skills

  • Ability to understand user needs, maintain database accessibility while ensuring infrastructure security.
  • Advanced knowledge in MongoDB
  • Strong infrastructure engineering experience focused on performance and availability solutions.
  • DB Tuning.
  • Knowledge in handling change deployments in development and production environments.
  • Experience in creating automation tools for auditing, account management, backup/restore, discovery, schema implementation, etc.
  • Ability to supervise the work of persons designated to enter information into databases.
  • Hands-on experience with cloud computing platforms such as AWS, GCE or Azure.
  • Knowledge of unix/windows operating systems.
  • Handling of tools for database documentation and ER diagrams.
  • Version control management for database objects.
  • Work as a devops consumer for DB work environments.
  • Demonstrated understanding and successful application of proven database design principles such as: requirements analysis, data normalization, data modeling, risk management and quality assurance and for OLTP and OLAP database systems.

What will you do?

  • Carry out the management and administration of the platform's databases in its dev, int, qa and prod environments.
  • Installation and upgrades of DB environments.
  • Verify that storage and archiving measures are running effectively.
  • Design, analysis, development and implementation of scalable, robust and secure solutions.
  • Monitor the performance of the database to ensure that it is handling the parameters properly and that it provides quick responses to users.
  • Install and test database management programs.
  • Refine the logistics design to ensure that the information is converted into a specific model.
  • Ensure data quality, integrity, security, privacy and data integrity throughout the data lifecycle.
  • You will control the deployment of changes to data models and manage permissions to access information.
  • Mainly see to the security of TrackChain data, checking the status of the database, verifying the remaining resources of each database server.
  • Maintenance and corrective applications of security updates or patches.
  • Plan and maintain a backup system, create contingency plans in case of emergencies, and establish protocols for information recovery.
  • Be in constant communication with other IT departments.

Nice to have

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in DBA Management.
  • An understanding of AI / ML applications is a plus.
  • Professional experience in a software startup
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies
  • Management of JIRA
  • Management of Slack
  • Handling of NoSQL and Relational DB's

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