Senior Backend Engineer

A backend developer should be familiar with concepts such as client-server architecture, APIs, databases, deployment of server-side systems.
Expected skills
What will you do?
Nice to have

He/She should know about the response states that a server can return as well as how it is configured. This role is expected to be aware of the status of the server where the backend is deployed and to be in constant communication with the other projects that consult it.

Expected skills

  • Programming skills in Typescript, NodeJS and Javascript
  • Knowledge of non-relational databases, such as MongoDB.
  • GIT management
  • Knowledge of server-based system deployment
  • Knowledge of API-REST
  • Knowledge of the response states that a server may have
  • NodeJS knowledge
  • Knowledge of what is the responsibility of the backend with respect to the frontend.
  • Proactive
  • Third-party API integration
  • Fundamentals in reactive programming

What will you do?

Maintenance and development of backend systems based on NodeJS and Typescript. As well as modeling the logic and its communication with interdependent systems and systems external to the company.

Nice to have

  • English language
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in web application development.
  • Professional experience in a software startup
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies
  • Management of JIRA
  • Management of Slack

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