Chief culture & people officer

As our chief people officer, you will play a central role in bringing our people vision to life and shaping our people operations culture and strategy.
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Expected skills
What will you do
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We will look to him for thought partnerships, strategic systems building and to guide us through our next phase of growth. You will report directly to our CEO and will also support the overall health and strategy of the business as a member of our leadership team.

Expected skills

  • Successful track record in leading the strategy and systems design of a People Operations / HR department.
  • Ability to envision, define and communicate a compelling People Ops vision and strategy.
  • Expertise in: organizational development, recruiting and hiring, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, employee development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and performance appraisal and support systems.
  • People development skills, including training, feedback, helping to set priorities and creating an inclusive, fair and engaging culture and team climate.
  • Excellence in leadership, which includes creating alignment, establishing influence without relying on formal authority, and bringing out the best in others.
  • Planning and strategic thinking skills, including the ability to establish metrics, identify (and adjust) priorities, anticipate unintended consequences, mitigate risks, and engage the right stakeholders at the right times.
  • Clear and convincing written communication.
  • Adaptability and resilience skills, and a generalized lack of curiosity.
  • Experience working in or with fast-growing distributed companies, ideally growing from approximately 20 to 50+ employees.
  • Building high-performance teams: has a framework for companies to turn good teams into great teams and can refine and scale that model in TrackChain.
  • Talent magnet: knows how to bring the best talent to TrackChain and then establish the culture, opportunity and compensation to keep them happy, productive and growing over the long term.

What will you do?

  • Strategies: Act as a strategic partner to the CEO and executive team to provide insightful and innovative thinking and problem solving on critical HR issues and serve as a coach to management team members.
  • Develop: lead the development and evolution of our team and our culture, creating an employee experience, compensation strategy and learning and development program that keeps our incredible workforce effective, motivated and engaged.
  • Manage: Build and develop our staff operations team in a way that is considered an example of a company that is doing it right.
  • Innovate: Help us define the future of work as we evolve our remote control model, learning from the best practices of other companies, but adjusting to what works for our team.
  • Grow: expand our recruiting function and build our employer brand as we look to expand the team.
  • Coach: Scale our management and leadership training programs to ensure that managers who have the skills and experience to develop their teams lead our team.
  • Lead: Lead diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging programs that mean a great deal to our employees and the broader TrackChain community.
  • Compensation and Benefits: to recruit and retain world-class employees and create the conditions for them to do their best work by aligning our compensation and benefits strategy with our objectives and values.
  • Develop a compensation and benefits vision and strategy to recruit and retain the people we need to achieve our business objectives.
  • Gather information and data on an ongoing basis to ensure that our compensation and benefits are competitive, cost-effective, compatible and aligned with our values.
  • Ensure that compensation and benefits are distributed fairly, with systems in place to mitigate bias.
  • Employee engagement and performance: helping to create an employee experience that brings our values to life and enables our team to do the best work and experience the greatest learning in their careers.
  • Design an employee experience vision and strategy in alignment with our business goals and values, including the achievement of our employee engagement, performance, retention, inclusion, internal communication and development objectives.
  • Scale our People Ops systems and infrastructure so we can continue to set our employees up for success as our company grows.
  • Uphold, operationalize and reinforce TrackChain values throughout the organization.
  • Support diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-bias work within TrackChain, in collaboration with our leadership teams.
  • Continuously collect and monitor people data, communicate trends, develop action plans to meet our company's objectives and advise on department-specific initiatives.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of our organizational design and clarity of responsibilities throughout the company.
  • Develop and communicate internal policies to achieve company objectives and maintain compliance (with guidance from our Dr. in Legal and Compliance).
  • Develop programs that enhance the skills and performance of the team.
  • Develop and optimize systems for recruiting, interviewing and onboarding new People Ops hires.

Nice to have

  • Experience working with mission-driven startups and/or high-growth companies.
  • Experience with international employment.
  • Familiarity with different HR technology systems, including HRIS, PEO and ATS.
  • Inspirational and thoughtful communications: your ability to write the right message for the team in both good times and bad will help us stay aligned and focused.
  • Inspirational and thoughtful communications: your ability to write the right message for the team in both good times and bad will help us stay aligned and focused.

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