TrackChain, the free tool to generate the Carta Porte complement

Eduardo Narváez - CEO & Co-founder
September 21, 2021

During these days (even for several more months), you will repeatedly hear the term "Complemento Carta Porte" for everything related to transportation and logistics in Mexico.

Since last June 1, the modifications of the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution 2021 came into force, which establishes that companies engaged in the transport of goods in the country must issue the Digital Tax Invoice over the Internet (CFDI) and add a Carta Porte complement.

However, it will be January 1, 2022, when this new provision begins to be mandatory for carriers. This, with the aim that they have enough time to adapt to it.

The Carta Porte complement provides information about the origin and destinations of the goods that are moved through the different means of transport; Thanks to this, the legal possession of the cargo can be protected.

Each complement contains more than 185 data such as routes, merchandise value, tariff item, etc., which will imply that carriers will be subject to further review by the authorities to prove the correct transfer of the cargo.

We do not want to scare you, but if you do not present this document, the fines will range from $ 17,020.00 to $ 93,330.00, and the tax authorities may preventively close the taxpayer's establishment for a period of 3 to 15 days.

How can the  Carta Porte complement be generated? It's very complicated?

The elaboration and filling of the Carta Porte complement have caused enormous concern among transporters, especially among the so-called man-trucks (those buses and small transporters that represent more than 90% of companies in Mexico).

However, as incredible as it may seem, many of them are not using technological invoicing tools to generate these new documents. Big mistake! The best solution to have the complement ready on time is through an advanced and intuitive digital tool that optimizes a procedure that apparently could take a long time.

The TrackChain platform automatically generates the Carta Porte complement in a few seconds, and it also considerably reduces the risk of errors by not having to go through more people.

This allows a simple filling of the same, which facilitates compliance with current tax regulations. In such a scenario, one of the biggest challenges of the Carta Porte complement is integrating all the information in one place.

Given this, forget about that complex and monotonous procedure that involves gathering all the data and sending it by mail through different intermediaries until it reaches the client. TrackChain performs this process automatically.

At the same time, the platform helps the actors of the logistics chain in the control of all their operations and provides a precise follow-up in the management of billing.

With TrackChain, the billing tool is free. In this way, we align incentives between stakeholders, allowing a unified view of transactions, frictionless payments, and much faster reconciliation of invoices and disputes.

All invoices are organized and digitized for users in a control panel to generate instant account statements, and through which massive payments already made or those that are still pending can be tracked.

We invite you to generate the Carta Porte complement from TrackChain. It's time to do it!. Request your demo today.

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