TrackChain Joins YCombinator's Summer 21 Batch to Build Future of logistics in Latam

Eduardo Narváez - CEO & Co-founder
August 24, 2021

Hi - I’m Eduardo Narvaez. Together with Hugo Alvarez, we co-founded TrackChain. Today  we are so excited to share TrackChain participation in Y Combinator's summer cohort of 2021!

TrackChain reinventing old-fashioned logistics processes by digitizing and automating freight procurement & shipments management, carrier compliance, payment systems, route planning, and cargo visibility, an local & cross-border logistics solution in one place.

We come from a family of truckers and have been in the logistics industry for over 20 years. We know exactly who we’re building for and feel responsible to provide the best experience for them.

We built TrackChain because the process of managing shipments is lengthy, manual, and terribly outdated. Traditionally, shippers and carriers operate within a fragmented network of about 15,000 freight brokers, each responsible for connecting truckers with potential shipping loads. Most of these deals are coordinated by email, phone, and some, still by fax, taking hours or days to confirm. When it is on both sides of the border (USA-MEX) it is even more complex.

For those who don’t know, YCombinator (also known as YC) is considered the world’s most successful startup accelerator. Has helped companies like Airbnb, stripe, and Coinbase, as well as some great logistics companies, such as Flexport, Convoy, and Trella, lift off the ground. The program picks the most promising startups across the world and equips them with a world-class startup community, resources, and advisors.

Some companies that YCombinator has supported, full list here.

Since joining Y Combinator, we’ve worked closely with our group partners — Harj Taggar (co-founder GP initialized Capital) Gustaf Alstromer (ex Product Lead Airbnb) Nicolas Dessaigne (co-founder of Algolia) — to build a revolutionary logistics solution that users love.

We'd like to extend a special thanks to our group partners for their ongoing guidance. Being part of YC is an important step in our journey. During the program, we are starting growing faster monthly and AAA corporate customers start joining TrackChain to drive mass adoption.

We build the infrastructure for modern Logistics, to learn more about TrackChain please contact us directly at


Eduardo Narváez 

CEO & Co-founder